Fantasy Book – First Steps

Like I said in yesterday’s blog post, I have recently decided to start putting ideas from my head into concrete writing. One my greatest wishes in life has been to write a fantasy novel. I harness zero wishes to become a famous author, but I’ve always wanted to take ideas swirling around inside my head and put them into a full blown story. This is why I like to be the Dungeon Master in games of Dungeons and Dragons. This is why I can talk about fantasy tropes for hours on end. I love writing and I love fantasy; it fits in ways I never thought.

While I have the entire idea for the book in my head, I’ve found that putting those thoughts into categorical, organized words is the most difficult part. To help alleviate that difficulty, I subscribe to a wonderful website called World Anvil.

World Anvil is a world building website that lets you take full control over every tiny aspect of building a new world. It offers tons of options for design included but not limited to maps, timelines, world history, fauna, flora, races, geography, politics, and magic. The options are virtually limitless.

I have lightly delved into the options on the website in order to better organize my thoughts. I have quite a bit written down in notebooks, but nothing is organized or collaborated in a way that makes any sense. I’ve recently been working on the general history of the world and some of the major events that have shaped and led into the story’s present that I want to tell.

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Because I write daily in this blog, I wanted to share some of the creations I’ve come up with up to this point. While I have some of the history decided, I still haven’t given it any real organization, so the timeline jumps around quite a bit. Please forgive the continuity errors and all feedback is welcome!

The next two sections listed are two pieces of my story’s history out of the 17 or so I have written so far. Since nobody wants to read a blog post that takes an hour to read, I’ve only included the two for the time being.

3000 BR (Before Rift)

The Creation of the World
Era beginning/end

Nativus was created around 2000 years ago by Amdis, the God of Creation and Guardian of Time. He created the world to be a mirror of His own thoughts and processes. With a strong will, He created the world in an image that allowed Him to not only be entertained but to learn and grow as an immortal being. After creating the world, different races began to automatically appear as if from thin air. Amdis was never sure if this was because it was an automatic effect from creating this physical world or if it was pieces of His imagination come to life. 

Once the creatures began to appear on the land of the world, Amdis decided to create four Gods of immense power to watch over the people of the planet. From His own godly being, he created Rhimos, Agnimitra, Thuxmijr, and Thudonna; beings eventually known as the Supreme Four by the people of the world. 

Those four Gods and Goddesses were tasked with a simple, singular job to provide for and protect the mortals with all of their godly essences. For around two thousand years, they did so with passion, love, and great success. 

The Gods inherently took on certain aspects of power. These powers became infused with the aspects of the elements. Nobody, including Amdis, knows why certain elements didn’t form in the eyes of the Gods, but the only four elements that became prevalent in the eyes of the people were the natural four. 

Rhimos: Water
Agnimitra: Fire
Thuxmijr: Earth
Thudonna: Air 

As time passed, the manipulation of those elements caused anomalies to appear in different aspects of the world. Some people, known as Eltari (humans), started to find that if they interacted with the different aspects of the Gods’ manipulations (i.e. using a fire made by Agnimitra or drinking water manipulated by Rhimos), they could start to control and manipulate different materials other than the four elements. Those effects include but are not limited to metal, blood, synthetics, and telepathy. 

It is still hasn’t been explained how these are able to be controlled by different people, but the effects still remain seen throughout the world.

The Great Uprising of 1981-1975 BR

The First Uprising
Military action

The people of the world were tired of the Gods not sharing their gifts and decided to start an uprising/rebellion against them. Some people on the planet were able to harness the arcane energies of the universe, but magic was not common enough to be considered a trope. The ones that could control their magic became demigods that led the people of the planet in revolt against the Gods. The Gods withdrew into their own plane for several years while armies decimated religious groups and followers of the Gods. Some of the Gods’ followers began armies of their own and fought back. A worldwide conflict took place that lasted for six years before the Gods finally decided to intervene. The Supreme Four, under the instruction of Amdis, decided the world was too fraught with conflict and flaws to be allowed continued existence. They destroyed the people of the planet, their own followers included.

Future Posts

I will be doing future blog posts with edited information, new pieces of the timeline, and other aspects of this world I have created. Please remember that I am in the very early stages of developing this world and story. Plenty more to come!

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