Sunday Suggestions

While this is a rather outdated premise, I have always enjoyed sharing some of my hobbies, joys, current interests with people. It’s a selfish endeavor in which I’ve partaken throughout my life. Sharing something great is always a good feeling, especially when the person with whom you shared the interest partakes and enjoys it as well.

Accepting the Unacceptable

Beyond the cliché of life’s inevitable nuances, (taxes, sickness, death, etc), sits other inevitable qualities that every person will eventually have to commit to acceptance. Without that acceptance, every person will be forced to wade into a non-existent oblivion for an endless amount of time.

Board Game Night: Stone Age

It is ancient times, and you are the overseer of a small village of people that have next to nothing to their name. It is your job throughout the game to strategically place your game pieces in different areas on the board with the hopes of advancing your village and scoring the most victory points.

An Experience in Grief and Stability

I don’t understand grief. The complicated mess of grief is far too extensive and complicated for my tiny mind to comprehend. Sadness is a common emotion I feel. Happiness is another. In fact, I often find myself going through the entire rainbow of emotions within a single hour, a myriad of thoughts and ideas plaguing those emotions. Very rarely do I feel grief.