One More Announcement

I am still trying to find the balance between the new job and my free time to write with my other responsibilities in life. Because of this, it’ll be another week without my normal schedule of posts. I will most likely be uploading a Dungeons and Dragons Night post this week, because we’ve had a session since my last post and I don’t want to fall too far behind in the story. Other than that, I’m not sure if I’ll have any other posts this week. Because of the new job and my attempt at balancing life, I’ll most likely be uploading blog posts on a more random schedule rather than doing a particular category every single day like before the new job. This will continue for quite some time until I get into a more comfortable mindset for writing on a consistent basis.

Also!! Big announcement! I’ve linked my blog with, a phenomenal site for making homemade podcasts! Because of this, I will be turning all of my blog posts into podcasts where you can listen to the post rather than reading. Or you can read along with the writing! It’s entirely up to you! I am also hoping I can find a way to upload our D&D sessions into the podcast for listening as well. We’ll see how things go with that as I play around with the settings. Keep an eye out on future blog posts for the audio podcast version of it OR look back at some old posts to see the same.

Keep your eyes out for random posts and thank you so much for those that continue to read!


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