Gender Roles in Fairy Tales

Current society shows an always fluctuating debate involving gender equality, unity, and stereotypes. Even though many people have tried to break those stereotypes, they still exist in many mediums. Several gender stereotypes are prevalent for each gender in several aspects.

The Writing Process

Recently, somebody on the Harry Potter roleplay site I frequent asked me how I write. Strangely enough, that is a very difficult question to answer. Unfortunately, there are so many paths writers use to get to their final product. There is no wrong way to get there, but some people prefer a specific method or process. After giving it much thought, I decided to describe my writing process in a drawn out way. 

The Hero’s Journey

Heroes speak to the inner monologues of people because of their honor, dignity, fame, and perfect personalities. Movies have been made for many years regarding heroes and the steps they take to become the heroes of legend. When preparing a film festival pertinent to young audiences made up of University of Phoenix students, the hero’s journey is the first thing that comes to mind.

Closing the Bar

After a long night of customer complaints, exhausting drink making, overbearing managers, and intense servers, a good playlist of music is necessary to keep a level head.

An Unreality

Dreams can sometimes be a fortune-teller. Perhaps it is only a mistake and when we dream of these fortunes, our minds force us to believe that they relate to real life. Unfortunately, my views on the subject will always remain the same; dreams can show us the future, tell our fortunes, and give us reasons to live and die, but they are still only movies that are false in our minds.

The Recordings of a Civil War Soldier

For some reason, I was struck with the idea of writing a small and fictional journal entry from the viewpoint of a soldier during the American Civil War. I didn’t want to focus too much on the actual war itself, but what might happen in the eyes of a Civil War soldier after the war had ended. There isn’t anything special in here, but it was just random thoughts that went through my head. 

Letter to Word to Page to Masterpiece

It is my sincerest wish that I am able to give substance, value, meaning, and compassion to the words I write, as well as the words I read. With a little hope, I will spend the rest of my life continuing to add value to the words in my life.