A New Start and a New Schedule

Hello, everybody!

I know it has been quite some time since I have uploaded a blog post, and there are several reasons for this. Since my last post, I’ve gotten married, had a few Covid-19 scares, focused heavily on the election, did a few jigsaw puzzles, read some books, and had several holiday filled extravaganza (albeit at home and not with large groups).

Because of those events, I took a much needed break from consistent writing and did some focusing on myself and my family. However, I’m back in the writing mood with a myriad of topics to start writing.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost interest in the variety of writing topics that I originally covered. Instead of following the old schedule, I decided to focus more on things where I find more passion. This does not mean that I’m writing in styles or ways that I enjoy or like as a priority doing but instead focusing on a more relaxed writing style about topics in which I find passion. The schedule is relatively flexible, but this will be the new schedule for posts:

Monday: Board Game Night
Tuesday: Video Game Night
Wednesday: Random Post
Thursday: Dungeons and Dragons Night
Friday: No Post
Saturday: Random Post
Sunday: No Post

Monday: Board Game Night
I’ve been consistently playing and trying new board games, so I’ll have a post every now and then to add to the Board Game Night category with more reviews and rules for new board games. However, a new format will come into play after I have finished out my board game collection where I will start uploading posts that describe and recall a recent game we played together. I’ll try my best to turn the post into a story that details or describes how the board game played out. This is in the hopes that it better explains some of the games as well as provides a little entertainment and backdrop into our board game nights.

Tuesday: Video Game Night
I am a lover of video games. I have been playing video games since the early days of the Atari. My knowledge of video games are subpar, but my love for them is consistent and passionate. I am usually playing at least one good single player game at a time, and I occasionally delve into multiplayer games at least a couple times a week. Posts on this day will be about my recent adventures in some of my games as well as reviews/criticisms of games I’ve been playing. This entire day will be about video games.

Wednesday/Saturday: Random Post
Posts for these days will be completely random. Some of the ideas I have for the next few week’s worth of posts include some cooking adventures I’ve been having, personal things that have been happening, reviews, academic writing, or otherwise. I might include an extra post from one of the other categories as well (Board Game Night, D&D Night, etc).

Thursday: Dungeons and Dragons Night
The posts for this day involve Dungeons and Dragons. I am currently running two separate campaigns from the published books put out by Wizards of the Coast. Storm King’s Thunder and Curse of Strahd are currently being run with two different groups. These posts will be summaries of our sessions in story form. We play at least once a week, so this will be a consistent post. As the DM, I feel like I’m the best equipped to describe the stories we are telling each week.

Friday/Sunday: No Post
Friday and Sunday will be my days of rest and relaxation as I take a break from writing and relax for a day.

The first post following this new format will begin on Monday, January 11th.

I look forward to focusing more on the passionate things in my life! I look forward to writing again and to sharing my passions with all of you!


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