Accepting the Unacceptable

Beyond the cliché of life’s inevitable nuances, (taxes, sickness, death, etc), sits other inevitable qualities that every person will eventually have to commit to acceptance. Without that acceptance, every person will be forced to wade into a non-existent oblivion for an endless amount of time.

Sunburned Shells

Four unsuspecting teenagers are caught in the path of Satan and his mission for destruction. Love has finally taken its toll on the sands of friendship.

Lost in Memories

At some point in everybody’s life, the question of “Who am I?” rears its ugly head. We are put into a situation where we question everything about ourselves, followed by a careful examination of our entire lives.

The Shattered Heart

I remember attempting to write Shakespearean sonnets with no success when I was younger. Finding a way to write in iambic pentameter has always been difficult, which is why I think Shakespeare was actually a genius.

Product of My Environment

I have never gotten to experience that independent life where everything was a new experience. Because of this, I have become a product of my environment. Everything I am, was, will be, and have been is because of my environment.