An Experience in Grief and Stability

I don’t understand grief. The complicated mess of grief is far too extensive and complicated for my tiny mind to comprehend. Sadness is a common emotion I feel. Happiness is another. In fact, I often find myself going through the entire rainbow of emotions within a single hour, a myriad of thoughts and ideas plaguing those emotions. Very rarely do I feel grief.

Mass Media and Children

The smattering of technology prevalent in the general population’s lives means that the media not only reaches a broader audience, but it plays a pivotal role in helping shape people’s lives, especially those of young children.

A Visceral Experience

Has your stomach ever rumbled so hard that it sounds like some hard rock bass lines are thumping their way through your entire body? That’s what this night was like. I hadn’t eaten since the night before and I was becoming grumpy.

Who Are They?

I was at work last night tending bar like normal, when I look up at one of the televisions and see John Boyega in an upcoming movie called Detroit. I watched what I could of the trailer, and it looked like a promising movie. All of a sudden, an idea triggered in the back of my mind.

Lost in Dreams

For my creative writing class, I had to write a short story this week. Now, I’ve always been the type of person to write plays or full length stories, so this assignment was not easy. The word count for this story was capped at 1,400 words, but unfortunately, I surpassed that by quite a bit. […]

Cardinals? Guess I’m Royal blue…

I have spent the majority of my life in Kansas. I have also spent the majority of my life as a huge sports fan. My fanships (is that a word?) ranges from football to baseball to basketball. Baseball, however, has always been my favorite sport so it should be a given that Kansas City is […]