Therapists in the Restaurant Business

We all have problems. We all have baggage. We all have complaints, grievances, problems, and arguments. We have all have pain and haunted pasts of some degree. I can’t remember the last time I went to work, class, Wal-Mart, or out to eat where I didn’t have something going on in my mind that bothered […]

How to be a Good Customer Part III

I’m going to try and bring my blog back to full force. I’m currently entering into the journalism parts of my Communications major, and I figured this blog would be a strong point to start writing again. Starting off the revival of the blog will be a new entry under Tales of the Server. I […]

How to Be a Good Customer Part II

Some of these might be a little more elaborate than others but here it is! I present to you my “How to Be a Good Customer Part II”! Your server serves the food and doesn’t cook it… As stated in part one, the cooks in the kitchen prepare your food as specified by company recipes, […]