Letter to Word to Page to Masterpiece

It is my sincerest wish that I am able to give substance, value, meaning, and compassion to the words I write, as well as the words I read. With a little hope, I will spend the rest of my life continuing to add value to the words in my life. 

Sunburned Shells

Four unsuspecting teenagers are caught in the path of Satan and his mission for destruction. Love has finally taken its toll on the sands of friendship.

Lost in Memories

At some point in everybody’s life, the question of “Who am I?” rears its ugly head. We are put into a situation where we question everything about ourselves, followed by a careful examination of our entire lives.

A Visceral Experience

Has your stomach ever rumbled so hard that it sounds like some hard rock bass lines are thumping their way through your entire body? That’s what this night was like. I hadn’t eaten since the night before and I was becoming grumpy.