Video Game Night: Quick Reviews Volume 1

Today’s blog post for Video Game Night (as well some future Video Game Night posts) is going to be a small series of quick reviews of games that don’t have much story or don’t have enough content for a full post. There will be anywhere from 2-5 games per post as I try to cover the extensive game library I own. These games will come from the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam, Battle Net, Epic Games, and a myriad of other gaming services). Enjoy!

Golf With Your Friends

While there are many miniature golf games on a variety of platforms, I have always gone back to Golf With Your Friends. The graphics in the game are nothing stellar, however, the music and playfulness of the artwork in the game are whimsical enough to delight gamers of all ages and gaming backgrounds. You can play online or locally with up to 12 players. There are currently a variety of courses ranging from underwater environments to haunted houses to desert temples. The game also offers workshop compatibility, so if you are playing the game on Steam, you can play a myriad of maps and themes created by people from around the world. The gameplay also offers different modes such as basketball and hockey, as well customizable rules so that you can set up your lobby any way you like. You can change the maximum allowed shots, the gravity, the shape of the golf balls, the time each player has, and more. It’s a whimsical little game that is sure to cause rifts between you and your friends, but it’s fun to just sit back and casually enjoy a game of mini golf without having to leave the house.

Golf With Your Friends was developed by Blacklight Interactive and is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Move or Die

Recently, Fall Guys has garnered a lot of love and feedback since it’s release last year. Fall Guys is a game where you take the helm of a character that is thrown into an evolving battle royale against tons of other players from around the world where you have one main goal: don’t fall off the map and/or make it to the finish line of some kind of obstacle course before the other players. With its ragdoll like physics and whimsical music and addicting gameplay, Fall Guys is the top of the line for this type of game. However, before Fall Guys came out in 2020, I was enjoying a game from 2016 called Move or Die. Move or Die takes on a very similar premise to Fall Guys, however, if you stop moving…well, you die. It’s a 2-dimensional platformer where you take on a small character that instantly begins losing health if you stop moving. The moment your character stops moving, your health begins to fall. Unfortunately, there is always a barrage of falling hazards, traps on the map, and a constantly changing environment that means you must have fast reflexes and just keep on moving. Unlike Fall Guys, where up to 60 people can compete in each game, Move or Die only allows up to four players. But because the map is so small and the hazards are extremely fast and deadly, it’s even harder than Fall Guys, in my opinion. I get extremely frustrated at this game, but I’ve never failed to have fun with my friends as we bounce erratically around the screen in an attempt to shove each other into different hazards.

Move or Die was developed by Those Awesome Guys and is available on Steam and Playstation 4.


I absolutely love social deduction games. Games like Werewolf, Mafia, the Resistance, Coup, Town of Salem; all of them really tickle my fancy in all the right ways. So how do you turn a social deduction game into a 2-player experience and make it more about how good you are at hiding things rather than socially deducting something? The answer is simple: SpyParty.

SpyParty is a small and simple game that can be played with two people. One person takes on the role of a Sniper. The other player takes on the role of a Spy. Each game takes place on a small map where a social cocktail party is happening. The player that takes on the role of the Spy has to complete a certain number of tasks before time runs out. The Sniper has to find and shoot the Spy. The tasks the Spy has to complete range from replacing statues on the map, communicating with a double agent, and/or seducing targets. That list is not limited to just those conditions, but those are just a few. You control the Spy from a 3rd person perspective. The Sniper will see everything from a 1st person perspective. A long laser will emit from the Sniper which the Spy can see at all times. If the Spy completes all of the missions, he or she wins 10 seconds after the last task is complete. If the Sniper shoots the Spy, the Sniper wins. If time runs out and the Spy did not finish, the Sniper wins. If the Sniper shoots the wrong person, the Spy wins. It’s hilariously fun if you’re in a call with the other player because then you start trying to deceive them with your words as well. It’s a fun little deduction game that requires clear focus, sharp tack, and the ability to focus on different things at once. I’ll never tire of the antics that this small, wonderful game delivers.

SpyParty was developed by two independent developers named Chris Hecker and John Cimino. It’s available on PC through Steam.

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