Reflections of a Lonely Heart

I’m going to be 100% honest with all of you. I had a really hard time finding the motivation to write in the last two days, so I was unable to come up with anything of substance for today’s blog post. Instead, I was going through an old hard drive to clear it of some of my old writing that I didn’t need anymore, and I came across this old “gem” if we want to call it that. Instead, it’s an interesting and hilarious look at my inept writing from when I was much younger. I believe I was around 16 or maybe 17 when I wrote this. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever written, but it does make me look back at it and wonder what was going through my head during those times. For those of you that have any interest in this kind of thing, here you are…

Reflections of a Lonely Heart

Scene 1

[In the mid 1990’s, Kansas City, MO suffered some of its greatest depression in the economic area as well as death. Kansas City was plagued by unemployment and poverty. People lived through this era as if it were the 1930’s in the midst of the Great Depression. Such is the case with Christopher, a young man in his mid 20’s. Chris always has a ragged look about him. He has shaggy brown hair and stubble from the lack of shaving. His clothes always look dirty and worn out. As the lights come on, we see him sprawled out on the couch, asleep, an empty beer bottle lightly grasped in his hand. No sunshine can be seen through the window. Dead flowers are in vases all around the room. The phone rings and Chris wakes up abruptly, falls off, and lands with a large thud on the ground]

Chris: (groggily) All right, all right. Hold your horses.

[Chris lifts a random tennis shoe to his ear]

Chris: Hello..hello? Dammit! I hate it when people mess with me like that.

[The phone continues to ring. Chris throws down the shoe, finally realizing it isn’t the phone, and curses. Finally, he finds the phone hidden under a stack of magazines]

Chris: Hello…oh, hi mom….yeah, I got the coffee pot….no, I didn’t break it already….thanks….no…you mean that prick, Jeremiah??…, I told him to stick it…yeah…Jake’s been giving me cash…no, only when I need it…yes mom, I am eating just fine…no (he suddenly becomes very uncomfortable and saddened)…she hasn’t…

[Chris hangs up the phone and flops back down on the couch. He takes a beer from the table and pops it open. Two swigs and Chris passes into another deep slumber]

Scene 2 (Two weeks earlier)

[The lights come on to Chris trying on a suit in front of a mirror. He straightens his tie, primps his hair, brushes off his suit, and picks up his briefcase. He heads towards the door. Before he can open it, somebody knocks on it from the other side]

Chris: Hold on…

[He opens the door and stares into the eyes of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen]

Chris: Evelyn???

[Evelyn looks as if she is a prime 18. She has long slender legs, wide hips, and a robust chest. She is wearing a scarlet colored dress that has a split on the side. Her hair is worn down, smooth, and wavy]

Chris: What are you doing here?

Evelyn: Well, we haven’t talked in forever, baby. (coddling) Don’t you just want to spend the night together and just talk?

[She moves to put her arms around him while trying to kiss him]

Chris: (pushing Evelyn away) (angrily) Where the Hell have you been? I have been up day and night waiting for you to call!

Evelyn: (hurt) I’ve been doing some (hesitation) stuff. Are you really worried that much?

Chris: (not believing a single word) Yes, Evelyn. When you’re dating a girl, a very hot and seductive girl, (at this, Evelyn smiles thus causing Chris to become more irritated) you worry when you don’t see her or talk to her FOR FIVE FUCKING DAYS!!!

Evelyn: I know you’ve been worried, baby, but I’m back now. That is all that matters.

[Once again, she moves to hug Chris. Once again, Chris pushes her away]

Chris: (very angry) You just don’t get it do you? It’s not okay, Evelyn. You know I love you, but the only thing I can think about is who’s hand is up your skirt this time.

Evelyn: (exacerbated) Christopher Laine! Now you know me better than that. Since when have I cheated on you with another guy?

Chris: My point exactly, Evelyn! You never have. But what about Stacey? From the Voodoo Vixens? What about her, hmm? Or Jeannie? The whore from the pawnshop? How about Hilary? You know Hilary well, don’t you?

[Evelyn slowly walks to the couch and sits down]

Evelyn: (very subdued yet forceful) I had no idea…how did…when—

Chris: Michael told me. He said he saw you with Jeannie about a week ago, grinding on the dance floor. So, he did what any instinctive guy does. He followed you. He saw you get in the car. He saw you go into her house. He saw you two making out on the couch. He saw everything. Ever since then, he has caught you three times with three different women. And for what, Evelyn? Huh? What?

Evelyn: Chris, there is something you need to understand—

Chris: No, Evelyn, there is something you need to understand—

Evelyn: Chris let me—

Chris: (at the brink of exhaustion) NO! You don’t just cheat on your boyfriend with a woman and expect me just to understand something—

Evelyn: But Chris—

Chris: BUT NOTHING! I have given you my heart and soul, Evelyn, and you just want to piss on it and throw it away.

Evelyn: Chris, if you just understood—

Chris: I thought I made it clear there was nothing to understand.

Evelyn: But Chris—

Chris: EVELYN!?! Now you understand something right now. (after this, he calms down considerably although he is still fuming. He sits down on the couch and lets out a huge sigh before continuing) I have been going one week with no shower, no food, no communication with the outside world, and no life. Why? Because of you! You are the reason I stay up at night and drink until I pass out. Evelyn, I have tried to be the strongest I could be. But you, you made me stronger. Why? Because now I know what life would be like without you. And you know what? I’m happier that way. Because at least now, I would actually have something to look forward to when I wake up in the mornings. You know what that is?

[Tears are visibly streaming down her face now]

Chris: I look forward to freedom from you. The freedom of not having to worry about where you are, and what you’re doing. That, Evelyn, is truly wonderful.

Evelyn: Chris—(very long and uncomfortable pause) I know I’ve hurt you—

Chris: Hurt is not the word—

Evelyn: Let me finish—

[Chris is now drinking another beer on the couch, very close to where Evelyn is sitting]

Chris: One week ago, I could smile with no problems. One day ago, I couldn’t sleep. One minute ago, I sold my soul for a little satisfaction.

[Chris rises and opens his door with the beer still in his hand]

Chris: (pointing out the door) There, Evelyn, my heart and soul. Not for you, but for me.

[Evelyn rises from the couch. She walks by Chris, stops, and looks at him. She smiles, leans over to kiss him on the cheek, and he turns his head. The smile remains on her face, and she walks out the door. Lights]

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