Fantasy Book – History and Timeline

I decided to do a little more writing on the history and timeline of my fantasy world. It isn’t much, and I still have a lot to hash out, but here is what I have after a short stint of writing today.

1977 BR

The Second Wave of Humans

Around a year (an approximation given that nobody remembers this piece of information), Amdis decided that He would have more control over the creation of life. Instead of letting inhabitants of the world naturally appear, He would create humans in His own way. Unfortunately, He had infused so much of his own Godly magic into the planet that other creatures would surely appear unexpectedly, but He wanted to be the one to create the existence of humans. Amdis searched His vast array of universal knowledge and created what He believed to be the ideal image of a man and a woman. He spent many mortal months crafting two perfect specimens to begin the habitation of his world.  Thus, the new age began as humans were once again free to roam and populate the planet.

18 BR

Semalf’s Birth
Life, Birth

In the year 18 BR, a young human boy named Semalf was born. His given birth name was Galenor Castelis and he was born to two common peasants in the volcanic region of Ardennes.

12 BR

The Reckoning
Metaphysical / Paranormal event

Galenor seemed like a perfectly normal little boy until his sixth birthday. On the day of his sixth birthday, Galenor collapsed into a heap in the middle of eating his birthday cake. While in his comatose state, he rose up as if he had no control over his own body. The ground began to shake and split, buildings around him began to crumble at the foundations. His eyes glowed with an unnatural purple hue as he began to draw in the essences of all life. He was draining life forces and gaining immense power as a consequence. No longer his own person, the drained life forces began to eat away at him, and soon it was too much energy for his frail form. The energy burst from him causing chaos and separation in what was once a unified world under one government. Galenor became a new God of the world, his powers unparalleled in comparison to any God before seen on that plane. While he was only six years old in body, his spirit had grown to an age unknown and untested in the mortal realm.

1 BR

The Great Rift
Military action

During the year that has come to be known as 1 BR, Galenor had finally grown to such a power that the Supreme Four had to intervene. Galenor had gained a massive following known as Dark Messengers. Some of the followers had heard of Galenor’s rebirth into something more, legends saying that he had been born in flames. They started calling him Semalf, an anagram of flames. Semalf took to his newfound power with ease, his entire personality changing to match the new power he held.  

Semalf became a puppet master intent on making the entire world his plaything. Not only could he manipulate the four elements of the Four, but he was also able to bend the very fabric of time and reality to his will. He found himself able to take on aspects of different elements as well, including metal, telepathy, and synthetic materials created by the humans of the world.  

The Supreme Four, under the guidance of Amdis, decided that Semalf had to be stopped in order to preserve the sanctity of the world. They traveled to the mortal realm and the largest battle in the planet’s history took place. The Four banded together to battle against Semalf. Followers of the Four created armies and battled against the raging powers of Semalf’s Dark Messengers.  

The war only took a year. In a final battle, Semalf defeated the Supreme Four, their godly essences leaving their immortal bodies and spreading among the entire world. The essences of the Four fled their immortal bodies and attenpted to return to the one place where they would be safe: the realm of Amdis. Before the essences could make it, Semalf attempted to gather more energy and essence into his soul. The power was too much, his frail body unable to contain it. The essence burst out of him, spreading over the land in all directions.  

As a result of their battle, a large chasm, unknown in depth, formed, splitting the continents in half, now know as the Great Rift. This started a new calendar system now known as Post Rift.

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