What I’ve Learned During Covid-19 (Final Part)

This will be the final part of the What I’ve Learned During Covid-19 series.

The Virality of Viruses

Even though I already spoke of the surprising infection rate and possibilities in a previous post about the selfishness of people, Covid-19 made me start thinking for myself. Given that I’m a curious person that loves to learn but not following any kind of study in the medical field, I never really looked into things regarding medical intricacies. I somewhat understood how viruses spread, but I never really comprehended the complexity of it.

I spent many hours reading more about it when this all began. I wanted to better understand what kind of risks we all faced on a daily basis.

A lot of information is floating around the learning sphere regarding viruses and how they spread so easily. I’m not a medical professional, and I will not pretend to know enough about it to teach anybody about it. Instead, I will leave you with this video to help educate just a small part of what I’ve learned and why it’s so important to know this information.

I do not own the rights to this video. It is used solely for the purpose of educating those on the spread of a virus. All rights reserved to CNN.

Rekindling Lost Loves

Before you start thinking of that one lover you lost in college, instead look into your inner psyche and try to remember the loves of your childhood. This can be a hobby, a food, a medium of entertainment, a game, or anything else that you once loved. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a childhood love but anything that you once loved that might have slipped away.

I’ve found real joy in going back and playing some of the games or themes of games that I once loved as a child. As a matter of fact, I’ve chosen to watch a movie while writing this blog post today, and it happens to be Christopher Robin. While this movie is only a few years old, the themes and characters of the movie bring back so many nostalgic memories that I almost feel like crying. The Winnie the Pooh song and characters are important parts of my childhood, and rekindling that love brings me more joy than I can describe.

As we grow older, we sometimes lose track of the things that mean the most to us. Those closeted memories can be a myriad of things. It’s why professional baseball players are currently asking for large sums of money before they’ll begin playing a children’s game again. It’s why we don’t play with our children anymore and instead would rather delve into the world of technology. Parents say, “Grow up!” to their children instead of following Peter Pan’s words of wisdom and doing their best to stay young for as long as possible.

We’re so angry all the time. We’re mad that taxes have gone up. We express extreme anger at the fact that the government made a stupid decision. As an adult, there is so much anger and resentment for everything going on in the world that we sometimes forget about the lost joys and loves in our lives.

If Covid-19 hadn’t reared its ugly head, I don’t know if I would have rekindled some of my childhood loves. Unfortunately, I would have kept moving forward, never once looking back. Rafiki was correct, and we have to learn from our past and move forward. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of the loveliest parts of our own history.

Because of the pandemic, I moved forward in many ways, but I also took a step back and reveled in the lost loves of my life. There’s nothing wrong with revisiting the past if it means something beautiful and lovely comes of it. I may never be able to visit Neverland or Hundred Acre Wood, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a grown-up forever. A small part of that inner child still exists. He never left, I just put my priorities in the wrong places.

It seems to me that Peter’s trying to grow up too fast. I imagine he thinks that grown-ups don’t hurt as deeply as children do.

Johnny Depp as J.M. Barrie in Finding Neverland

Love Everybody

We are all human. Love everybody. Be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. It shouldn’t be this hard to just love everybody. I started to realize just how much I cared about people I’ve never met when I started wearing a mask and staying at home.

It’s not about me. It’s about everybody else. Love everybody.

Our sacrosanct obligation is to tend to our own personal wounds and furiously love the entire world irrespective if the world loves us back.

Kilroy J. Oldster

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