Sunburned Shells

Dark, night waves lapped softly upon the Western shores, like a dark velvet coat, endlessly unfolding. A full honey-dipped moon shed its light over the sea below, softening the rugged formation of the shadowy shaped piers. Four figures, two young gentlemen and two young ladies, leaned on a smooth, wide slab of rock, right below the pier. Conversing, the couples look almost as if the night waves do not exist. Rays of sunlight pour into the vicinity of the pier. As the gentle morning sun rises, the scarred trash comes into sight. Yawning collars of the rusted metal blends in with the sand to give it a harmful appearance. Then, as the evil gray clouds roll in, covering the sun, an almost instant madness covers the beach. Couples duck for cover under the pier while the clouds completely overtake everything in sight.

Seeing the couples run brings back memories of fright and joy. Hearing a seagull passing overhead, the couples all look at the monstrous outline against the dark and dank sky. Massive carpets of shadow cover the hunting grounds of the seagull’s territory, and bickering erupts from the mouths of the young ladies as the seagull flies off. Sparks emit from all corners of the pier. Several young beach dwellers duck for cover under their small, rocky homes. Burning fires snare reminiscent senses in the nose as the young couples bicker over the formalities of love. The two couples keep bickering and arguing about their relationship.

Off to the right, down in the darkened curtain of night waves, swims a single man with a smile upon his face. This man seems to symbolize some kind of anomaly in the surrounding area. A single man can represent an entirely different entity of love just by swimming alone. Emotions flow through the man in the water like a fish swims at sea. Yelling ruptures forth from the mouths of the couples as the beach turns darker. This once sunlit, joyful place turns darker and darker by the second. Sunrays can no longer be seen anywhere in sight. Gracefully, the small crabs of the beach meander to the water to cool the burning sensation of “Hell on Earth.” Screams of agony and torture can be heard for miles as the couples kill each other verbally. Satan is smiling at the four formations under the pier. Rising mountains of fire and doom overwhelm the beach of darkness. Under the rocks lay creatures of all shapes and sizes, shaking their shells and bodies at the fires of doom. Four unsuspecting teenagers are caught in the path of Satan and his mission for destruction. Love has finally taken its toll on the sands of friendship.

Sunrays beat down on the necks of the two couples and the single man. As the sun comes back out, it reveals even more misplaced things than before. Things such as glass and rubber lay abroad, while the gracefulness of the seagulls as they drop and catch their prey is utterly amazing to watch. Families and friends swim through the waters and frolic in the sun. Two young couples, uncomfortable, yet satisfied, rest on the golden-hot sand. For this once joyful beach wasn’t all it as it was first imagined. Most would think that this beach was a place for rejoicing in some kind of happiness or glee. In reality, it is a place where anything can happen and even the lightest of moments can turn dark. After only ten seconds of darkness, the beach is finally still and silent again. Only noises of pure bliss, pure love, and pure happiness break the silence of the two loving couples once honored before.

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