The Shattered Heart

For my creative writing class, I had to write an original poem that reflected on some part of my life and how it changed me. As with most people writing poetry about a memorable event, I couldn’t help but to gravitate towards love and heartbreak. There were no set rules for the poem other than word count. I could not decide what kind of poem to write, and then I remembered different kinds of sonnets. I remember attempting to write Shakespearean sonnets with no success when I was younger. Finding a way to write in iambic pentameter has always been difficult, which is why I think Shakespeare was actually a genius.

But I digress, I wanted to put my poem on here for analysis. Only one line does not follow the ten syllable rule, but I do believe it stays within iambic pentameter. This poem is not a genius work of art, but it is the first time I was able to follow the pattern of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG with full iambic pentameter. Enjoy!

You grabbed my heart and tore it into two.

Regardless of the life you’ve given me,

Along with everything we suffered through,

How could you break something so carelessly?


I thought we had a future set in stone,

To live and love and cry and laugh and sing,

Yet you played upon my fear of death alone,

By scoffing at the eyesight of a ring.


We spoke of marriage every day we woke,

And even planned our children’s names and age.

Although I knew the flame was quick to stoke,

I never thought you’d act in such a rage.


Each present night is filled with tears and shame,

Because I know I’ll never feel the same.

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