How to Be a Good Customer Part II

Some of these might be a little more elaborate than others but here it is! I present to you my “How to Be a Good Customer Part II”!

Your server serves the food and doesn’t cook it…

As stated in part one, the cooks in the kitchen prepare your food as specified by company recipes, standards, and policies. This does not, however, mean the cook won’t change something up on a meal if requested by you. You wanted that pasta without bacon or cheese? Done. You want the sandwich made with a different kind of bread? Easy. You prefer your steak cooked medium well with a side of broccoli in place of mashed potatoes? Simple. The one thing most people fail to comprehend is that the server places your order in the computer, as you ordered it, and then moved on to the next server task. Upon entering that order into the computer we begin hoping the meal is prepared exactly as you wished. We have no control over that meal once it’s entered into the computer. A quick trip to the back of house and we can ask the cooks to carefully monitor that ticket and make sure it’s prepared correctly. Beyond that, we’re just as worried as you about that meal. So when that meal comes out prepared incorrectly we are legitimately sincere when we apologize for that mistake. That does not mean blame it on the server though. If we rang in the order wrong we are more than happy to take the blame and apologize. We are the face of the restaurant and we understand that your anger will most likely be directly at us. But please don’t assume it’s our fault the food was prepared wrong.

If the service was great, tip appropriately…

This is directly related to the previous paragraph. Your server greeted you friendly, made sure your drink was always full, provided the requested condiments and items needed, and never once missed a step. However, your steak was undercooked and you are frustrated. Thus, you lower the tip because of your anger. This is a very ignorant and naïve mindset and needs to be changed. Perhaps the host took a while to find you a seat. Maybe the table next to you was being extremely rude and/or loud. The bartender made you the wrong drink. You received fries instead of mashed potatoes. Your server did everything right but there were a few mistakes throughout the rest of the restaurant. Why would you lower your tip for something your server didn’t do?

Your server is a human being…

Hey! Guess what! Your server is a human being. This means your server is prone to mistakes. You server never goes an entire night without making a mistake. Sometimes this mistake will directly affect you as the customer. Let’s assume you work a salary job and make a mistake. Does the company lower your intake for that day/week/month? Does your company fine you for making a mistake? A server’s livelihood comes from each table’s tips. Working for the minimum $2.13/hour is taxing (pun intended) and each individual tip can mean the difference between rent and eviction. Understand that your server can and most likely will make a mistake. Understand that I am not defending those terrible servers out there that would rather sit with their friends and text on their phones than provide great service. This goes out to the servers that do everything right but made that one small mistake. Forgive your server for being human and tip them accordingly.

Look for Part III!

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